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“It takes a village to
raise a child…”

We bring this village back into our modern lives.
SitEinander is the first social network for families that allows them to swap free babysitting among their friends.


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Our platform has launched! Currently, you can use our service with any Android device. Join us, meet other families, and take care of your child care needs.

How it works

Babysitting-Exchange with SitPoints

Why SitEinander

So many reasons!

More Time

Enjoy the freedom to have more
time again for you, your friends or
your family

A High Level of Trust

You decide who will be part of
your network. If you invite your friends with children to join SitEinander, you are creating a familiar, experienced digital network to support you and your children whenever you need it.

A good feeling

There’s no need to feel guilty! Whenever your friends help you out, they will earn SitPoints they can later use in turn for their own child care needs.

A Greater network

Use SitEinander to meet new parents in your neighborhood and expand your social circle or local network.

Save money

Instead of paying for expensive babysitting, you exchange SitPoints with your friends. Finally, you can go to the movies or enjoy dinner at a restaurant again without having to pay a fortune on child care.

Child Friendships

Our favorite advantage: this type of mutual child care holds significant benefits for the children involved. With SitEinander, your kids enjoy more opportunities to meet other children and play
with them.


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