Families Support Families

SitEinander is the pet project of us three sisters from Berlin: Anna, Henrike, and Ulrike
All of us have held babysitting jobs throughout the world for a number of years and later went on to work in the private child care sector.

In doing so, we have come to one important realization: young families lack time. Balancing work and family life is a constant challenge, and many parents long for more support in this endeavor.

These days, Ulrike has two children of her own and was a single mother for several years. She used to yearn for more time, but simply couldn’t afford a high-priced babysitter while being in college herself.
Her friends with children were facing similar problems, and that’s why they all started supporting each other instead of paying for expensive and inflexible babysitting services. “I babysit for you, and you babysit for me” became their motto.
More and more parents subsequently caught wind of their idea and wanted to become part of it. However, coordinating and organizing this kind of exchange required a lot of time and effort. Parents began to ask for an inclusive digital solution that could be accessed from anywhere.
We pondered this request for a long time and finally came up with the idea for our SitEinander app. Based on a newly devised business plan, we started to implement a pilot project involving over 70 families in the Berlin area. After a successful testing phase, we started developing our SitEinander app, which finally launched in May of this year and is now available here.

Our Vision

A world that provides EVERY family with equal opportunities to manage their daily family life, regardless of income or personal situation.

Our Mission

We assist families to further connect with each other in order to organize mutual  child care.