Growing your Network using SitEinander Groups

Jun 26, 2019 | App, Features, SitEinander

H ow can you expand your circle of friends for mutual childcare? The SitEinander app will soon have groups in your neighborhood to help you.

Many SitEinander families already know the group feature since many of you tested it in the beta version of our app. With the current launch, however Groups are not yet available. But they will return very soon! Therefore we would like to briefly explain to you what the SitEinander groups are about.

The SitEinander groups especially help parents who do not yet have a sufficient support network.

Become a member of groups that share your interests, live in your neighborhood, have kids in the same kindergarten – or even create your own group.

Imagine chatting with other parents, meeting in real life, and finding friends who will take turns with childcare.

What exactly are SitEinander Groups?

To begin with SitEinander groups are small secure spaces, designed to connect parents with mutual interest.  So you enter them to meet other families in your neighborhood.

Firstly with a single click, you can see which parents from the neighborhood are already in the SitEinander app. Secondly this makes these groups a perfect base for a relaxed but effective way to get to know each other. But that’s not all: Basically every member of a group joins for the purpose of networking so that all participants can exchange reciprocal childcare.

Why Groups?

The groups evolved in direct response to the needs of SitEinander families: Surprisingly many parents turned to us because they urgently needed SitEinander but did not have sufficient support networks. During the pilot phase, our solution to this problem was very cumbersome: we linked families with the same postal code into WhatsApp groups. Finally after the launch of the beta app, it all became much easier.

There are several reasons why families do not have enough intimate friends for mutual babysitting. Expat families and families without grandparents in their neighborhood are particularly hard hit.

Pictury by Le Creuset via Unsplash

Get to know each other quickly and effectively through Groups

SitEinander Groups in the beta app suddenly offered a new very effective way of networking. Most compelling evidence: parents in Germany created more than 500 groups wihtin just some months.

What’s more particularly large numbers were in groups that had a suitable name and a meaningful description. Specific meeting places, family type combinations, and parenting styles proved to be particularly popular and meaningful. To put it another way: the more specific your idea of families you want to get to know, the higher your chances are if you put that in the group name.

More than 500 groups formed in Germany, and families networked with each other to support each other in childcare.

Picture by Priscilla du Preez via Unsplash

Are the groups changing in the new app?

In the beta app, the groups were found via a map function. In other words, one searches one’s own neighborhood and was able to recognize whether groups already existed by symbols.

Whereas our new SitEinander will automatically inform you about suitable groups. This is done using the previously specified postal code.

What’s more: For months, we tested usability with a wide variety of families, in order to improve the functionality and design until everyone could effectively use the groups. Now it is only necessary to program the group function without errors.

What to do without groups in the meantime?

We have two great tips for you, so you can bridge the waiting time.

1.     Join our Facebook group and look for parents in your neighborhood. We also inform you here about all information about the launch of the group function.

2.      You can also download our flyer and hang it up in your day care center, school, or in your hallway. This is one of the most effective ways to quickly expand your network. As soon as there are a few parents in your SitFriends list, you can start with the mutual babysitting exchange. If you still have questions about how the SitPoints work, you can find out more here.


We hope you have fun!


PS: Do you have any other ideas on how we can help you build your network? Please let us know:

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