How do SitPoints work?

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David K. from Pankow wrote to us:

SitEinander is really great and I think that babysitting for each other will help all parents. But one thing I still haven’t quite understood: What are the SitPoints about and why should they take away my guilty conscience when I ask for help?


I score, You score, We all score SitPoints

So why did we introduce SitPoints?

We wanted to simplify the already existing concept of parents sitting for each other by creating an uncomplicated way for this to happen particularly when you have several parents with different childcare needs involved. That’s why we opted for a reward system in the form of points that covers the individual care assignments. In this way we solve the problem, which in economics is referred to as the “coincidence of needs”:

You give SitPoints to the families that care for your children.

A fundamental exchange of services becomes difficult as soon as, for example, the services are not exactly the same in duration or a third person is to be included. Typically, this problem is solved through the use of money. Since the use of money among friends and social groups is frowned upon, we use an alternative currency in the form of a points system. Parents, who take care of their friends’ children, earn SitPoints and can use them if they need care themselves. That way a fair system is in place without parents feeling guilty about the amount of sitting others do for them.

How does the whole thing work?

Each parent using SitEinander has a points account and starts with 15 points which can be used immediately. The app automatically calculates the number of points for each babysitting session. An hour of babysitting = 1 point.

Ensuring a fair and mutual exchange. With SitPoints both givers and takers benefit

Picture by Camill


Lisa needs a sitter for her son on Wednesday evening because she wants to take her husband out for dinner. Dinners with her husband usually takes no more than 4 hours.

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She opens SitEinander and creates a Sit Request for 4 hours. The Schulz family lives directly below Lisa and have 2 children of about the same age as Lisa’s son. Mrs Schulz was invited to SitEinander by Lisa. Mrs Schulz sees Lisa’s request and accepts it because she has time available on Wednesday.

Lisa sees that Mrs. Schulz has announced herself as available and confirms the appointment for babysitting. Lisa’s points account will be reduced by 4 SitPoints for this request and the same amount of points will be credited to Mrs Schulz’s points account. The Schulz family is pleased because they can use the points earned to get childcare for their children next week. Mr Schulz can go cycling in peace while Mrs Schulz is working late on a deadline.

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